Nowhere Else To Turn

Where else can I run

When everything comes undone

I seek comfort in things that fail to

Do what I aimed for them to do

And I only find another dead end

That I have come to

There's nowhere else to turn

And I don't know why

It takes me so long to learn

That there is no other that can

Do for me what You can

There is no strength, no comfort

No security, in the arms of man

There is no where else to turn

When I hit a brick wall

There is no one else that can

Raise me up when I fall

There is no one that loves me so unconditionally

And even though I have failed miserably

You still see, not who I am, but who I will be

No one else believes in me and sees

My potential, and has the grace

To remain faithful, even though I am not

There is no where else, where

I can feel completely at peace

Than in the everlasting arms of the Almighty God

I have run here and there, seeking and searching

To find ways to fix all that is wrong

But no matter how far I run, you keep wooing me

And keep drawing me back to where I belong

Jesus, You are the only One I can run to

You are the only way, the only life, and

The only truth

You are the only One that can calm

My restlessness

You are the only one who can fight for me

And bring about justice

You are my only resting place

You are my refuge, where I can run

And feel safe

You are, You are all there is

Only You can set me free and deliver me

From my chains of sin

There is no where else to turn

There is, and never will be anyone else

You are my Hope,

And in times of trouble,

You are my source of help

I know this to be true, because

I have run from You so many times

But You keep bring me back

to the same place

Back into Your

Arms of love and grace

Forgive me Lord, for running

Forgive me for trying to hide

Forgive me for not giving

You the time

I don't know why I do the things I do

But no matter how far I run

You keep drawing me back to You

I have tried to be good

And I tried to do the things I know I should

But no matter how hard I try

I fail, so many times

But now, I will just have to rest in your arms

And once again let you mend my broken heart

I will let You clean up the mess I have made

I'm tired and I will stop running now, and just stand still

To let You pour upon me, Your Amazing Grace

It is very foreign for me to do nothing for You

And believe You still love me

For Your love and Your gift of salvation doesn't

Change if I am doing, or if I am just being

Oh God, how much do I have to learn about

Your Love and Grace

How long has it taken me to understand

That there is nothing I can do to be saved

How long has it taken me to stop just being religious

And know, that it is not my might, not by power

But by your Spirit

I have stood at the crossroads and looked

I have asked for the good way

And I am beginning to understand now

That I am who I am, and only saved

By Your Grace

I can do nothing to earn it

I can nothing to learn it

I can do nothing, even if

I work hard and serve

I can do nothing, because I am saved by grace

And Your gift was something I didn't deserve

Oh God, there is so much of my mind

That has had to be renewed

There are so many lies that have had

To be uprooted and replaced with flowers of truth

There has been so much restoration, and healing

That has had to be done

And I have probably prolonged the process

Because of the many times, I would run

I think I ran because, it hurt too much

I think I ran because, I didn't understand Your love

I think I ran because there were things too hard to face

I think I ran, because I didn't understand Your grace

On this journey I have come to know

That there is no where else to go

There is no other that has the words of

Eternal life

There is no other that has shown me

The patience, the faithfulness, and love

And ever been so kind

Jesus You are the only one that I have found

That could ever be

All, Everything,

And anything I would ever need